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About SureCrete Design

SureCrete Design Products was born out of necessity in the late 90's. It all began as owner, Steve Thomas, started a decorative concrete installation company in the Tampa Bay & Orlando area. Steve had attended a home show in Orlando and was fascinated with decorative concrete.

After researching several companies and attending a training class, he and his crews jumped head long into installations. Problems on jobs were continual: products were difficult to use and performed inconsistently. Two mix designs were supposed to accomplish everything from patching to spraying to stamping, just add a little more sand or cement. Latex emulsions had to be diluted with water at various, confounding rates. Customer service was ludicrous, if the telephone was ever answered. Technical support was absent; every problem was the installer's fault.

The absolute lack of assistance was intolerable for Steve, who had cut his teeth on customer service. An idea was launched: decorative concrete made easy, supported by a service-driven team. To make this idea a reality, Steve partnered with a close friend who was a real world cement "chemist." He knew mud and mix designs, not universities. Millions of dollars in research and development, countless hours of testing, and consulting with the chemists of the world's leading latex manufacturers have created some of the most user-friendly decorative concrete products available today. Supporting Steve's customer-first vision, a team was assembled that included the previously self-employed and those discouraged from other decorative concrete companies nearby. From sales to production to shipping to management, the entire culture at SureCrete is all about service.

Whether you're an old hand at decorative concrete or you're just testing the water, check out SureCrete Design Products. This is our promise to you:

Misson Statement

SureCrete Design Products seeks to deliver premier decorative concrete products, to impart progressive technology paralleled with relentless research and development, and to create an environment where teamwork and responsibility are shared at all levels. Our customers come first. Providing quality service is our hallmark. Our success is attributed to complete customer satisfaction.