Premium Exterior Clear Stamped Concrete Sealer Driveway and Pool Decks

Premium Exterior Clear Stamped Concrete Sealer

HS 200 Series is a clear stamped concrete sealer available in a low-VOC 20% solvent complaint sealer used to protect concrete with integral color and/or hardeners. Penetration and protection for driveways, pool decks and walkways.

HS 300™ Premium Clear Concrete Overlay Sealer

Premium Clear Concrete Overlay Sealer

HS 300™ Series is a 30% solids, with a Low VOC Option (HS300LV™)  for protecting exterior concrete overlays such as knockdown, broom finish, and stencil patterns

Water-Based Clear Outdoor Sealer

Water-Based Clear Outdoor Sealer

Super WB is a 30% solid, water-based acrylic clear sealer that can be applied to both vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces.

Exterior Concrete Clear Sealer Solvent Acrylic

Exterior Concrete Clear Sealer Solvent Acrylic

Super Series 20 / 30 is a clear solvent acrylic sealer created for use in the southeast states of the USA.
Available in 20% Solids and 30% Solids

When you’re looking to protect exterior concrete, there’s just one type of sealer that you need: Acrylic. That said, there are many different types of acrylic sealers, any one of which could be the best sealant for your concrete.

If you live in a climate that deals with lots of overnight freezing and daytime thawing temperature differentials, you should consider using our line of premium HS Series solvent acrylics (available in 20% and 30% solids versions). Specially formulated for superior penetration, these sealers are better suited to deal with the moisture changes inherent in a freeze/thaw environment. These are also the products we suggest if you are looking to go in a more eco-friendly direction, with lower VOC options made available.

Our most cost effective sealers are in our Super Series line, available in a 20% and 30% solvent acrylics, as well as a water-based and low-luster water-based acrylic. These products can provide superior protection without breaking the budget.

Whether you need to protect a beautiful new patio overlay, or simply need to reseal an existing driveway or sidewalk, we’ve made the perfect sealant for your project readily available at any one of our many stocking locations located conveniently all over the United States.

What is the difference between HS and Super acrylic sealers?

SureSeal has three types of acrylic sealers: Cure and Seal, Super, and HS Series. Although both the Super and the HS are acrylic, they differ in the chemical makeup of the solvents used and other additives. To illustrate this
lets do a cross comparison of the Super 30 versus the HS 360. For starters they are both 600 g/l VOC, this will work in all states that do not have low VOC regulations in place. Outside of the same VOC and solids of acrylic, there are no other similarities. The HS 360 utilizes slower evaporating solvents which give a long application window and is perfect for days when the temperature is higher than 90 degrees. One noticeable change in the application is the lack of spider webbing that occurs in most traditional acrylic sealers. On top of the change of solvents, the HS Series also utilizes the addition of “Silane.” This is a great feature as it helps the sealer to penetrate farther into the concrete
or concrete overlay. Another benefit is its chemical reaction with the minerals in the cement. Silane grows crystals inside the pores slowing hydrostatic pressure, efflorescence, and acts as an additional layer of protection for staining even when the acrylic film wears off from use.

It is for these features that the small cost difference between the two types of acrylic sealers is about 3-5 dollars more per gallon. From all the testing in high-temperature states such as Texas and Florida to multiple freeze-thaw cycle states like North Carolina and Pennsylvania, the HS Series constantly outperforms and outlasts all other solvent acrylic sealers on the market.

What are The Different Surecrete HS Sealers?

Acrylic Concrete Sealers – When using Acrylic sealers most contractors will apply 2-3 coats of this sealer with multiple coats of a high-quality concrete surface wax. Acrylic sealers are not as hard polyurethanes and scratch easier. To maintain this sealer, it is recommended to wax the floor a few times a year. Resealing the floor with an acrylic sealer is highly recommended every 2-3 years to maintain proper mileage and protection of the concrete surface. SureCrete
offers both solvent based and water based acrylic concrete sealers. Super 20 & 30 – 600 g/l concrete acrylic sealer Super WB – Low VOC 100 g/l and is a 30% solids concrete acrylic sealer

The HS Series concrete sealer is the preferred choice as it not only creates a water resistant concrete floor coating, but it carries Silane properties altering the cream of the concrete and making the surface more durable, slows
moisture migration, and delivers some added protection if the sealer wears down to far before reapplication.

HS 200 Series – Available in 600 g/l & 400 g/l and is a 20% solids premium acrylic concrete sealer. HS 300 Series – Available in 600 g/l & 400 g/l and is a 30% solids premium acrylic concrete sealer.