Concrete Color Overlay Additive Product

Concrete Color Overlay Additive

Color Packs are pre-measured iron oxide pigments which come in 30+ colors. They are used in SureCrete overlay bag mixes, Xtreme Series, and DFRC.

Integral Concrete Color Products

Ready Mix Integral Concrete Color Additive

Our Integral Color utilizes the highest quality pigments delivering the most consistent color in freshly poured concrete. The color is ordered by the yard.

Concrete Color Hardeners

Concrete Color Hardeners

SureCrete’s Color Hardener stands above the rest due to its specialized formula creating the most consistent color with the ease of floating it in with less work.

Color concrete with dry powder color additive for fresh concrete, overlays and casting cement. Just because you’re using concrete for its structural benefits, doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with its neutral color palette. With our wide array of coloring products, you can change the landscape of your entire project through and through, so that even if it’s somehow damaged, your colors will always shine through brightly. We carry a large variety of coloring products to make certain we have the specific coloring agents best suited for you and your job.

No matter what your project, we at SureCrete will make sure you are always fully stocked with all of the brightest, most UV-stable concrete colorants the industry can provide.

SureCrete Powder Colorant Products and Acid Stain TruPour, TruColor, SureStain, TruCast, TruTique