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Cubic Yards of Concrete
Concrete Calculator for Slabs

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Concrete Depth (in) :
Concrete Length (ft) :
Concrete Width (ft) :
Surface Square Feet:*

(h) = Depth of Slab (inches)
(w) = Width of Slab (feet)
(l) = Length of Slab (feet)

Yards of Concrete Needed:
Bags of Concrete You Need to Pour this Slab
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New Cement Calculation
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The concrete slab calculator above forms mold construction concrete calculations are estimated and may vary depending on your cement water, and aggregate or reinforcements added per job site. Please note that SureCrete does not sell or provide cement by mix ready truckload concrete ordered from plants or bags of concrete yard calculator for freshly poured cement slabs or holes. If you would like recommendations on a ready mix company and concrete prices in your area, please contact one of our 150 distributors across the United States for concrete ready mixed service provides qualities needed. Some of our stores will carry quality product concrete bag mixes, or you can buy them at your local hardware stores. SureCrete does supply just about everything else including color cement additives for your footing fresh pour needs before you ordered concrete.  From home concrete cure and seals material, color additives for new cement, patching and repair products, indoor and outdoor floor and wall sealers. As always, build safety and always consider a concrete company to pour a large driveway concrete or patio installed.

About SureCrete Design Products Concrete Calculator:
Entering Depth of concrete = height thickness number in inches (diameter inches)
Entering width depth area across number of feet volume (hole diameter) length
Beginning length of slab: number of feet diameter (number cubic yard)

Concrete Column Calculator soon to come.

Facts: 1 Cubic Yard yd^3 of Cement Equals sizes (inches concrete) ( Depending on concrete aggregates ):

Mixed Concrete Volume:
Dry Weight = 3600 Lbs.
Wet Weight 4,056.34 pound – lb
18.04 kilonewton – kN
0.76 cubic meter – m^3

Square Footage Calculators Number

27 cubic feet – ft^3
46,656 cubic inch – in^3
764,554.86 cubic centimeter – cm^3
1,839.92 kilogram – kg

64,901.42 ounce – oz
1,839,924.4 gram – g
1.84 Metric tonne – t
2.03 short ton – ton US