Dry Concrete Color Additive Products
Dry Concrete Color Additive Products

Base colors are pigments mixed into a concrete sack mix, concrete overlay, Xtreme series, or DFRC mix. Doing so will create a colored cement from top to bottom.

Secondary Concrete Accent Coloring Products

Secondary Concrete Accent Coloring Products

This coloring option highlights and accents textured concrete such as stamped, slop troweled, knockdown, spray down, and hand troweled textures.

Concrete Staining Products

Concrete Staining Products

We offer both reactive acid and UV-stable water-based stains. These products can be used on interior and exterior concrete floors, including overlays and micro-toppings.

Concrete Paints and Floor Coatings

Concrete Paints and Floor Coatings

Solid color sealers and coatings help protect both outside and inside surfaces. ON DEMAND pigments are used in all products and are available in 228 standard colors.

Colored Concrete Color Liquid and  Dry Powder

While the natural color of concrete may be enough for some, most of us prefer slightly more color in our lives! With more than a few options for adding color to your concrete and so many different means of application, the possibilities are nearly endless for creating your unique piece of concrete art.

SureCrete remains the leader in providing the widest range of Eco-friendly, UV-stable concrete liquid colored stains and pigmented sealers in the decorative concrete industry. If you’re looking to color your concrete internally for a more solid color throughout the slab, we multiple base color options, whether you need to mix by the yard or use our pre-blended bag mixes. For a more translucent look, we also offer a multitude of secondary stains and colorants.

To finish off and protect your project, we offer the widest color range available in the industry of paints and coatings, with over 200 standard colors. Whatever your preferred color palette and application, we will keep your project looking vibrant for years to come.

brown stained concrete patio

brown stained concrete countertop

brown and gray stained concrete countertop

brown stained driveway stamped concrete

brown stained front concrete porch

dark brown concrete pool deck stained with espresso stain

dark brown stained concrete stairs

gray stained pool deck

large concrrete stairs stained with gray semi-transparent water based

brown stained indoor concrete floor

brown stained pool deck

commercial brown - gray stained walkway

gray concrete stain on outdoor kitchen stamped concrete

gray stained sidewalk

What’s happening to my Eco-stain every time I apply it, it disappears?

Concrete by nature is very porous, for this, it likes to drink moisture when not sealed. Sometimes it is so porous that it sucks in the water which is the vehicle for the Eco-Stain thus taking the stain with it. In those cases, it would be a good idea to close up the surface a bit with ECO- Prime and then re-apply Eco-Stain.

With all the different options of staining concrete, why would I use integral color?

In many cases when contractors are stamping concrete, they prefer to use integral color for the extra dimension or depth that can be achieved by using a color hardener and or stains before sealing. Using color throughout the concrete can also help with maintenance in years to come as that base color will last for the life of the concrete.

My pool deck is ugly, and I want to change colors, the sealer appears to be in good shape, do I have to strip off the existing sealer to change the color?

If your sealer is in good condition and you have determined whether it is a solvent based or water based sealer you have a few options. Clean the surfaces with SureCrete SCR, then pressure wash the surface. If your existing sealer was a WB sealer, you could apply the Eco-Accent which will antique the surface, and then seal with new WB acrylic. If existing sealer was solvent based, you could use the Eco-Accent or the Translucent highlighting sealer to attain the variegated color you are looking for. Of course, you can also use pigmented sealers that come in 228 standard colors from our ON DEMAND system.