Epoxy Floor Flake System
Epoxy Chip System

Dura-Kote Flake is a durable, multi-hued, slip resistant flooring system when combined with colored epoxy. Limitless color designs can be created.

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concrete epoxy metallics

Epoxy Metallic System

Dura-Kote Metallic pearls are blended into 100% solids epoxy to create a three-dimensional floor. Mix and match shimmering pigments for a one-of-a-kind look.

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Everyone wants to walk into a room and be “wowed”. Epoxy Flakes and Epoxy Metallics will certainly give you that feeling. While creating a look that can’t be duplicated anywhere else, these coating systems provide an immense level of stain and scratch resistance making them ideal for garage coatings or commercial heavy foot traffic areas.

We’ve taken these products a step further than they have ever been in the industry by taking the colored epoxy coatings that are used in these systems and not only reformulating them to be better suited for UV stability and color fade protection, making them readily available at tinting stations throughout the country. Now epoxy flakes and metallics projects that would have normally taken days to have the product delivered can be picked up at your local distributor same day!

Why stick with the same old flooring systems like hardwood or tile? Take your space into the 21st century with an ecologically friendly epoxy flake or metallic floor coating that will last and make your garage the talk of the neighborhood.

Are epoxy flake floors only for garages?

Although the most popular venue seen and advertised with an epoxy flake or chip floor is a garage. The applications and benefits of this system are not limited to vehicular parking spaces. All interior rooms, which are not exposed to constant hydrostatic pressure, can have this flooring installed. Features of an epoxy flake floor are more than design and curb appeal. The chip system gives a level a cleaner look, low maintenance cleanup, hypo-allergenic, increased light reflective, fantastic wearability, increase slip resistance, and reduction of tire marks. If any or multiple of these attributes are needed, then epoxy flak is the smart flooring choice.

In residential housing, standard applications for epoxy flake flooring are the garage, kitchen, sunrooms, enclosed patios, bathrooms, barns, and sheds. Similar areas are used in commercial and retail locations. These will include food prep stations, kitchens, service areas, entry ways, automotive centers, under roof bays, bathrooms, and enclosed wet areas. Hospitals and veterinarian clinics utilize this system for its allergy free and ease of cleaning.

Can I broadcast flakes into your WB polyurethane?

You could but you will not get the desired effect of a flake floor. The flakes need to be broadcast into a sealer that is thick enough to suspend them within the sealer as it dries. WB Polyurethane is meant to go out as a thin coating and in fact, will whiten if put out too thick. So for optimal performance, it is best to broadcast into a Dura-Kote line of Epoxies and Polyaspartics.