Colored Water-Based Acrylic Driveway Paint

Colored Driveway and Patio Water Based Paints

SureSeal Pigmented Water Based Acrylic is a low VOC exterior cement sealer. Available in standard 30 colors and up to 228+ colors with ON DEMAND locations.

Low VOC Colored Driveway Paint Product

Low VOC Colored Cement Sealers

SureSeal Pigmented Low VOC Acrylic is a solvent compliant outside cement sealant. Available in standard 30 colors and up to 228+ colors with ON DEMAND locations.

Colored Solvent Based Sealer Product

Colored Solvent Based Sealer

SureSeal Pigmented Solvent Acrylic is a 600 g/l exterior cement paint in standard 30 colors and up to 228+ colors with ON DEMAND locations.

Colored Water Based Concrete Epoxy Products

Colored Water Based Concrete Epoxy

Dura-Kote Water Based epoxy is an interior floor, uniform colored coating, which can be used as a primer, standalone system, or with garage epoxy flake broadcast first coat (ON DEMAND).

Colored Garage Epoxy 100% Solids Product

Colored Cement Epoxy 100% Solids

Dura-Kote Pigmented epoxy garage 100% is a high build, commercial grade coating that has a high chemical and abrasion resistance with increased light reflectivity. Great for garage floors. (ON DEMAND).

About Surecrete’s Paints Sealers and Epoxy Coatings and Driveway Concrete Paints

If you want to completely transform your cement, you’re going to need a great concrete paint or coating. For the first time in the concrete industry, SureCrete has made selecting the right paints for your driveway, sidewalk or patio as interesting as it is to select your interior wall paint. Never before has there been such a wide variety and vibrancy of colors made available for coatings. We pride ourselves on being on the forefront of cement based technology, and believe us, read the sign; this is it and an easy apply coat for you to paint concrete driveway.

For your interior projects, we can give you the strength and durability of our Water-Based and 100% Epoxy coatings to keep your floors looking beautiful and vibrant for years to come. If you’re more interested in sealing an exterior project, select from any of our pigmented acrylic sealers available in solvent-based, low-VOC solvent-based and water-based variations.

We promise that with our cement paints and coatings applying, you will never be disappointed in the beautiful colors surface coated or their durability. Each pigment has been specially formulated for use on surfaces and has been designed specifically to stay vibrant and true to its original color even years after being subjected to harsh wear, tear, weather and sunlight and rolls on as secure as behr wall paint. View video painting examples.

We give you our best-colored epoxies and acrylics, so you can make your best ideas and designs come to life, and live for a very long time on a concrete driveway.

One of the biggest complaints we get from applicators in the decorative and restorative cement industry is having the products they need readily available when their clients are ready to begin a job, with the biggest culprit being colored or pigmented sealers. To that end, SureCrete has worked tirelessly to create a system of sealers and coatings that can be pigmented on-site at any of our hundreds of distribution locations.

For the launch of this line of ready-to-tint or “on demand” sealers, we’ve released five products: Water-Based Acrylic, Solvent-Based Acrylic, Low-VOC Solvent-Based Acrylic to paint exterior concrete, 100% Solids Epoxy and Water-Based Epoxy for finishing interior surfaces. As if having these commonly used sealers available in typical colors wasn’t enough, we added two more features that make our “On Demand” sealers a cut above the rest. When it comes to cement floors painting process, please always make sure your surface is clean from any oils or dirt and repaired properly. With all concrete floors painting, you must always make sure to use the right product. For concrete garage floors, you might want to use a water-based colored epoxy or a colored epoxy 100, it rolls out like floor paint but is heavy duty for cement garages floors. Videos driveways

First, these sealers are available from a color chart that rivals most interior paint stores’ color palettes – 228 colors already pre-designed to fit most any color scheme your client could imagine. Then we decided that we didn’t want these pigmented sealers to perform the same as everyone else’s on the market, so we made them better. The pigments used in these coatings have been specifically designed for concrete and UV-stability. They will last longer and stay brighter than any other color sealer on the market today. Surecrete manufactures one of the best-reviewed cement garage floor paints on the market today.