Water Based Clear Concrete Polyurethane

Clear Water-Based Floor Polyurethane

Dura-Kote WB Polyurethane is a very low odor, low VOC compliant, high-performance flooring clear coat. Enjoy a natural color enhancement with a gloss or satin finish option.

High Gloss Concrete Polyurethane

High Gloss Concrete Polyurethane

Dura-Kote Solvent Polyurethane was our original flagship high-performance clear coat. Use it on stamp overlays, thin overlays, stained concrete, epoxy metallics, and many other floors.

water based colored polyurethane floor paint

Colored Water Based Polyurethane Floor Paint

New for 2016 Dura-Kote WB Colored Polyurethane is a low VOC performance floor coating designed for high traffic areas such as warehouses and other industrial uses. Just roll two coats out as you would paint, and you’re done. No clear top coat needed.

colored polyurethane solvent floor paint

Solvent Colored Polyurethane Floor Paint Coating

New for 2016, Surecrete Dura-Kote Solvent Based Colored Polyurethane Floor Paint is a high gloss, durable coating for industrial applications such as aircraft hangars and large industrial projects. Because of its one – two coat application, many contractors prefer polyurethane because no clear coat is needed.

When you’re looking to add chemical and abrasion resistance finishing coat, polyurethane coatings are your most likely product of choice. SureCrete’s Polyurethane isocyanates lineup has flexible surface applications for long protection and ridged finish when dry matte and gloss finish. Easy to apply and easy to maintain, our polyurethane formulations are some of the strongest and longest lasting interior coatings available on the concrete sealer market today for indoor and some outdoor use including the new look or protect wood looking concrete overlays. Resistant to alcohol material SureCrete’s Polyurethane can be used on furniture including finish wood concrete tables. Can be Applied with a foam roller for smooth no bubble hard finish.

Our solvent-based polyurethane (available in both a satin and high gloss finish) is one of the most commonly used coatings for interior concrete floors made or remodeled by our customers. Its ease of application is second to none, and it is extremely cost effective.

For those more concerned about allergens and the environment, our water-based polyurethane (available in a matte and gloss finish) is definitely the product for you. With almost no odor formed during or after application, it can be more appropriate for those dealing with allergies than even some of the best commercial-grade hypo-allergenic carpets. Combine this with its extremely low VOC content, and you’ve got a sealer that’s great for your home, your family, and the environment.

At SureCrete, we think every person, contractor or homeowner, should have easy access to the highest quality concrete polyurethane sealers available. To that end, you can find our products at any of our hundreds of convenient distribution locations throughout the United States.