Concrete Color Hardener Dry Broadcast for New Cement

SureCrete's concrete colored hardener is premixed, dry-shake, colored concrete hardener. It is used for coloring and hardening freshly placed concrete flat work to produce an aesthetically pleasing pavement with a surface that is substantially harder and more wear-resistant than regular concrete. This coloring method can be utilized for concrete applications (salt finishes, broom finishes, rotary finishes, etc.), as well as vertical surfaces and other types of architectural concrete.

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  • Product Description

    Concrete Color Hardener 30 Standard Colors by SureCrete

    Concrete Color Hardenrer 30 Colors

    Concrete Color Hardener 30 Colors

    Extensive quality control measures ensure uniformity of color and virtually eliminate color drifts. SureCrete’s dry shake concrete color hardener, a blend of specially selected and grated hard aggregated, architectural cement, plasticizers and synthetic oxide pigment, produces a brilliant, streak-free, non-fading, wear-resistant surface including stamped cement.

    Our cement color hardener powder pigments have been formulated for better UV stability and longevity than is typically expected out of currently available color hardeners. Color Hardeners can be used to dramatically increase the vibrant color depth of any decorative concrete surface you are working with. Typically associated with stamped concrete projects, the use of dry powder color hardener can be a more cost-effective tinting product to use in lieu of integrally coloring an entire slab.

    Here are some applications where you might expect to see Color Hardener:
    • Stamped Concrete Driveways
    • Outdoor Patios
    • Fresh Poured Sidewalks and Walkways
    • Harden Concrete Surface
    • Outdoor Kitchens
    • Commercial Pool Decks
    • Theme Park Custom Stamping
    • 3D Looking Concrete Views

    How Do You Apply SureCrete Color Hardener Topical Powder Tinting?

    (How to use Color Hardener before a Stamp Job)

    Follow these simple instructions to apply your color hardener product:

    1. Color Hardener is hand broadcast evenly to the surface of freshly placed concrete when the concrete reaches the point where no bleed water remains on the surface.
    2. In order to develop the proper bond and adequate density, the moisture for wetting the hardener must come from the concrete substrate. SureCrete Color Hardener is usually applied in two shakes, with two-thirds being applied in the first shake and one-third in the second shake (holding back a small amount for touch up work).
    3. After the first shake, the surface is floated. Do not trowel between applications.
    4. Apply the second shake perpendicular to the first application in a uniform manner.
    5. Float in and trowel to the final finish desired. Install construction or control joints as soon as possible.
    6. Care should be taken during hard steel troweling to prevent trowel burns, especially at tooled joints and edges.

    Concrete Color Hardener Dry Powder

    Powder Broadcast Concrete Color Hardener Part Numbers SKU’s and UPC’s

    Custom Color (60lb.) SKU: 35103001-00 | UPC: 842467100868
    Almond (60lb.) SKU: 35103001-01 | UPC: 842467100875
    Antique White (60lb.) SKU: 35103001-02 | UPC: 842467100882
    Blue Fog (60lb.) SKU: 35103001-03 | UPC: 842467100899
    Brown Derby (60lb.) SKU: 35103001-04 | UPC: 842467100905
    Caribbean Cream (60lb.) SKU: 35103001-05 | UPC: 842467100912
    Charcoal (60lb.) SKU: 35103001-06 | UPC: 842467100929
    Chocolate (60lb.) SKU: 35103001-07 | UPC: 842467100936
    Concrete Gray (60lb.) SKU: 35103001-08 | UPC: 842467100943
    Coral (60lb.) SKU: 35103001-09 | UPC: 842467100950
    Dark Walnut (60lb.) SKU: 35103001-10 | UPC: 842467100967
    Desert Sand (60lb.) SKU: 35103001-11 | UPC: 842467100974
    Dove Gray (60lb.) SKU: 35103001-12 | UPC: 842467100981
    TruCast Gray (60lb.) SKU: 35103001-13 | UPC: 842467100998
    Green Slate (60lb.) SKU: 35103001-14 | UPC: 842467101001
    Ivory (60lb.) SKU: 35103001-15 | UPC: 842467101018
    Limestone (60lb.) SKU: 35103001-16 | UPC: 842467101025
    MapleWood (60lb.) SKU: 35103001-17 | UPC: 842467101032
    Mint (60lb.) SKU: 35103001-18 | UPC: 842467101049
    Natural White (60lb.) SKU: 35103001-19 | UPC: 842467101056
    Old Brick (60lb.) SKU: 35103001-20 | UPC: 842467101063
    Putty (60lb.) SKU: 35103001-21 | UPC: 842467101070
    RedWood (60lb.) SKU: 35103001-22 | UPC: 842467101087
    Sand Buff (60lb.) SKU: 35103001-23 | UPC: 842467101094
    Silver (60lb.) SKU: 35103001-24 | UPC: 842467101100
    Smoke (60lb.) SKU: 35103001-25 | UPC: 842467101117
    Spice (60lb.) SKU: 35103001-26 | UPC: 842467101124
    Sun Buff (60lb.) SKU: 35103001-27 | UPC: 842467101131
    Taupe (60lb.) SKU: 35103001-28 | UPC: 842467101148
    Terra Cotta (60lb.) SKU: 35103001-29 | UPC: 842467101155
    Tile Red (60lb.) SKU: 35103001-30 | UPC: 842467101162


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  • Concrete Color Hardener Technical and Safety Data Sheets

    Tech Data Sheets
    SDS Part Sheet
    Color Hardener Chart
  • Specifications and Properties of SureCrete’s Concrete Color Additive


    Specs and Properties of Color Hardener

    Coverage Varies wildly based on application method.
    Shelf Life 1 year in original unopened container
    Ready for Sealer Once substrate is fully cured

  • Questions and Answers about SureCrete’s Concrete Color Additive


    Question: How Much Color Hardener Should I Use?

    Answer: The generic application method described above is used to achieve the colors listed on the color chart, however this can be varied to get deeper and richer tones as desired.

  • Additional information

    Color Hardener Options:

    Almond, Antique White, Brown Derby, Bue Fog, Caribbean Cream, Concrete Gray, Charcoal, Chocolate, Coral, Dove Gray, Desert Sand, Dark Walnut, Gray, Green Slate, Ivory, Limestone, Mint, Maplewood, Natural White, Old Brick, Putty, Redwood, Sand Buff, Smoke, Spice, Silver, Sun Buff, Terra Cotta, Taupe, Tile Red