Concrete Powder Release for Stamped Cement

Concrete Powder Release Stamping Colored Cement Agent

SureCrete’s stamped concrete powder release contains a specially formulated releasing agent that forms a moisture barrier between the stamping tools and wet concrete to allow the release of stamping tools. In addition to releasing agents, the powdered release contains integrated iron oxide pigments that simultaneously provide a secondary accent color to the concrete surface.

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  • Product Description

    Concrete Powder Release For Stamping Cement 30 Standard Colors by SureCrete

    Concrete Colored Powder Release Surecrete
    As a dry shake material, it is broadcast directly on top of the concrete to be stamped. It is recommended only for stamped concrete, as opposed to stamp overlay. Powder release is fundamental to provide the release for stamping tools from concrete. The moisture barrier prevents the stamping tools from creating “puckers” at the surface that greatly detract from the finished product. Powder release will provide the rich contrast between the concrete’s base color and the release’s secondary color. The resultant two-tone added to the realistic look and desired antique effect for many different patterns. The grout lines of grouted patterns will always reflect the powder release color in the preferred sharp contrast to the more dominant base color. Customarily the most realistic coloring is achieved through the application of a darker powder release color than the base color of the concrete.

    Here are a few typical application areas for Stamped Concrete Powder Release:

    • Stamped Concrete Driveways
    • Outdoor Patios
    • Fresh Poured Textured Floors
    • Surface texture concrete
    • Outdoor Kitchens
    • Commercial Pool Decks
    • Theme Park Custom Stamping
    • Concrete Texture Color

    How Do You Apply SureCrete’s  Stamped Concrete Powder Release Coloring Agent?

    Follow these simple instructions to apply your powder release product:

    1. The slab is ready when the final troweling prior to stamping is complete.
    2. Loosen and fluff-up the powder release in the pail prior to broadcasting.
    3. Broadcast powder release in a sweeping or casting motion evenly across the area to be stamped. Only broadcast enough powder release to stay a row or two ahead of the stamping tools.
    4. After the slab is sufficiently cured, carefully sweep up and contain excess powder release. Rinse the remaining excess with hose equipped with trigger nozzle and soft broom.

    Concrete Powder Release Part Numbers

    SKU's and UPC's

     Custom Color 33lb. Bucket SKU: 35103002-00 | UPC: 842467101179
    Custom Almond 33lb. Bucket SKU: 35103002-01 | UPC: 842467101186
    Antique White 33lb. Bucket SKU: 35103002-02 | UPC: 842467101193
    Blue Fog 33lb. Bucket SKU: 35103002-03 | UPC: 842467101209
    Brown Derby 33lb. Bucket SKU: 35103002-04 | UPC: 842467101216
    Carribean Cream 33lb. Bucket SKU: 35103002-05 | UPC: 842467101223
    Charcoal 33lb. Bucket SKU: 35103002-06 | UPC: 842467101230
    Chocolate 33lb. Bucket SKU: 35103002-07 | UPC: 842467101247
    Concrete Gray 33lb. Bucket SKU: 35103002-08 | UPC: 842467101254
    Coral 33lb. Bucket SKU: 35103002-09 | UPC: 842467101261
    Dark Walnut 33lb. Bucket SKU: 35103002-10 | UPC: 842467101278
    Desert Sand 33lb. Bucket SKU: 35103002-11 | UPC: 842467101285
    Dove Gray 33lb. Bucket SKU: 35103002-12 | UPC: 842467101292
    Gray 33lb. Bucket SKU: 35103002-13 | UPC: 842467101308
    Green Slate 33lb. Bucket SKU: 35103002-14 | UPC: 842467101315
    Ivory 33lb. Bucket SKU: 35103002-15 | UPC: 842467101322
    Limestone 33lb. Bucket SKU: 35103002-16 | UPC: 842467101339
    Maplewood 33lb. Bucket SKU: 35103002-17 | UPC: 842467101346
    Mint 33lb. Bucket SKU: 35103002-18 | UPC: 842467101353
    Natural White 33lb. Bucket SKU: 35103002-19 | UPC: 842467101360
    Old Brick 33lb. Bucket SKU: 35103002-20 | UPC: 842467101377
    Putty 33lb. Bucket SKU: 35103002-21 | UPC: 842467101384
    RedWood 33lb. Bucket SKU: 35103002-22 | UPC: 842467101391
    Sand Buff 33lb. Bucket SKU: 35103002-23 | UPC: 842467101407
    Silver 33lb. Bucket SKU: 35103002-24 | UPC: 842467101414
    Smoke 33lb. Bucket SKU: 35103002-25 | UPC: 842467101421
    Spice 33lb. Bucket SKU: 35103002-26 | UPC: 842467101438
    Sun Buff 33lb. Bucket SKU: 35103002-27 | UPC: 842467101445
    Taupe 33lb. Bucket SKU: 35103002-28 | UPC: 842467101452
    Terra Cotta 33lb. Bucket SKU: 35103002-29 | UPC: 842467101469
    Tile Red 33lb. Bucket SKU: 35103002-30 | UPC: 842467101476

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  • Overlay Integral Color Concrete Colored Powder Release:

    concrete powder release tile red

    concrete powder release terra cotta

    concrete powder release taupe

    concrete powder release sun buff

    concrete powder release smoke

    concrete powder release silver

    concrete powder release silver

    concrete powder release sand buff

    concrete powder release redwood

    concrete powder release putty

    concrete powder release old brick

    concrete powder release natural white

    concrete powder release mint

    concrete powder release maplewood

    concrete powder release limestone

    concrete powder release ivory

    concrete powder release green slate

    concrete powder release gray

    concrete powder release dove gray

    concrete powder release desert sand

    concrete powder release dark walnut

    concrete powder release coral

    concrete powder release concrete gray

    concrete powder release chocolate

    concrete powder release charcoal

    concrete powder release caribbean cream

    concrete powder release brown derby

    concrete powder release blue fog

    concrete powder release antique white

    concrete powder release almond


  • Specifications and Properties of SureCrete’s Concrete Colored Powder Release

     Stamped Concrete Powder Release Tech Data SheetTech Data Sheets
     Concrete Translucent Highlighting SDS Data SheetSDS Part Sheet
  • Specifications and Properties of SureCrete’s Concrete Colored Powder Release

    Coverage  Approx. 1,000 square foot per pail
    Shelf Life  1 year in original unopened container
    Ready for Sealer  Once dry to the touch
  • Questions and Answers about SureCrete’s Concrete Colored Powder Release

    How much Powder Release should I use?

    Answer: The generic application method described above is used to acheive the colors listed on the color chart, however this can be varied to get deeper and richer tones as desired.

    Why has my Powder Release stamp texture colored flooring faded?

    Answer: There are multiple reasons depending on the situation, but for most cases, it boils down to two main reasons: UV exposure and sealer degradation. On its own, concrete surfaces tinted with Powder Release agents will fade over time if exposed to direct sunlight, and all colors will fade if a sealer is not correctly applied and maintained. Over time, sealers fade and need to be replaced or replenished with a fresh coating.

  • Additional Information

    Powder Release Color Options

    Almond, Antique White, Brown Derby, Bue Fog, Caribbean Cream, Concrete Gray, Charcoal, Chocolate, Coral, Dove Gray, Desert Sand, Dark Walnut, Gray, Green Slate, Ivory, Limestone, Mint, Maplewood, Natural White, Old Brick, Putty, Redwood, Sand Buff, Smoke, Spice, Silver, Sun Buff, Terra Cotta, Taupe, Tile Red, Special Order Color