Colored Polyurethane Floor Sealer

Solvent Based Colored Polyurethane Floor Coating

Dura-Kote solvent based colored polyurethane floor coating  is a 2 component 51% solids, acrylic aliphatic polyurethane. It is designed as a non-yellowing thin mil color coating for interior concrete, cement based overlays, or as a top finish coat on epoxy systems. This high performance pigmented top coat generates the premier balance of strength, added UV stability, flexibility, chemical and scratch resistance that is both user-friendly and extremely durable. Dura-Kote
Colored Polyurethane Floor Coating Solvent Based is ideally suited for both commercial and residential settings: aircraft hangars, clean room floors, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, bars, clubs, retail stores, automotive showrooms, residential interiors, garage floors, stadiums, or any high traffic area where an exceedingly resilient floor is desired.

Selecting a colored polyurethane floor coating as a concrete sealer for interior applications can sometimes be a tricky proposition, especially when it needs to have a very hard and scratch resistant surface that needs to hold up for a very long time and yet still be very simple to clean and maintain. Dura-Kote Pigmented Polyurethane SB makes for a great combination of a durable surface with a solid colored coating. Typically this can only be achieved by utilizing a colored epoxy coating followed by a clear solvent based polyurethane top coating, but this system is now simplified substantially with SureCrete’s colored solvent-based polyurethane floor coating, that is not only easy to apply, but also readily accessible. Through the use of SureCrete’s patented tinting stations, these sealers can be made to order in the color of your choosing from an extremely large color palette in a matter of minutes, ready to be applied when you’re ready to work, whether that be in your own personal home or on a commercial jobsite, Surecrete’s solvent-based colored polyurethane floor coating is right for you.

Unlimited Possibilities for Colored Polyurethane Floor Coating

colors polyurethane solvent floor coating

Dura-Kote Colored Polyurethane SB
Dura-Kote Colored Polyurethane Solvent Floor Coating

Product #: 35104033-(color)
Packaging:2 gal kits, 5 gal kits

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Colored Polyurethane Floor Coating Standard Colors:

terra cotta polurethane floor coating

taupe polurethane floor coating

sun buff polurethane floor coating

spice polurethane floor coating

smoke polurethane floor coating

silver polurethane floor coating

sand buff polurethane floor coating

red wood polurethane floor coating

putty polurethane floor coating

old brick poylurethane floor coating

natrual white poylurethane floor coating

mint poylurethane floor coating

limestone polurethane floor coating

ivory polurethane floor coating

gray polurethane floor coating

light gray polurethane floor coating

desert sand polurethane floor coating

dark walnut polurethane floor coating

coral polurethane floor coating

concrete gray polurethane floor coating

chocolate polurethane floor coating

charcoal polurethane floor coating

caribbean cream polurethane floor coating

brown derby polurethane floor coating

antique white polurethane floor coating

almond polurethane floor coating

Areas where Dura-Kote Colored Polyurethane Floor Coating Solvent Based might be applied:

  • Restaurant Floors
  • Retail Flooring Applications
  • Restaurant and Bar Themed Locations
  • High-Traffic Residential Living Areas
  • Interior Hotel and Resort Flooring
  • Interior Walkways with Heavy Foot Traffic
  • Colored Auditorium and Stage Floors
  • Colored Residential and Hotel Bedroom Floors

How to Apply SureCrete Dura-Kote Colored Polyurethane Floor Coating SB.

Surecrete’s Colored Polyurethane floor products are some of the easiest to apply and use:

  1. Any surface that is about to be sealed needs to be completely cured, clean and free of all contaminants, and fully profiled and etched before applying colored polyurethane floor coating.
  2. Make sure that temperatures will remain between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit and relative humidity to stay below 75%.
  3. Mix the colored part A mechanically for at least 1 minute prior to adding in part B. Now pour 1 part B into 4 parts A into a large mixing container (we pre-measured the kits to make it easy on you!)and mix mechanically for a minimum of 2 minutes then the colored polyurethane floor coating is ready to use.
  4. Use a premium, de-fuzzed, phenolic core roller to roll out thin coats over workable area, making sure to maintain wet edges and back roll the entire surface.
  5. Two coats are typically suggested with any interior project receiving a polyurethane coating, with the second coat being applied as soon as first coat is able to be walked on, and is applied in the same manner as the first coat.
  6. While not necessarily required, we suggest the use of a sacrificial wax coating to extend the life of the floor and add a measure of slip resistance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dura-Kote Colored Polyurethane Floor Coating:

Q: Can I use just one coat of Dura-Kote Solvent Colored Polyurethane Floor Coating ?

A: Technically yes, however it is not suggested. For the best results we highly recommend using two thinly applied coats. That being said, Dura-Kote
colored polyurethane products have been known to function better than comparable sealers in situations where a single-coat interior sealer is required, and if you are happy with the color of a single coat, a clear coat may be used for the second coat of solvent based polyurethane in lieu of the colored polyurethane material.

Q: Will Dura-Kote Colored Polyurethane Floor Coating SB self-level and fill small holes?

A: To a very slight degree, yes. It is a higher solids content coating than an acrylic sealer, but is not high enough to fill large voids. Please prepare your floor appropriately.

Q: Can Dura-Kote Colored Polyurethane Floor Coating SB be used outside?

A: No, polyurethane coatings are not breathable in nature and therefore should not be utilized in exterior applications.

Q: I have strict VOC laws in my area, can I use Dura-Kote Colored Polyurethane Floor Coating SB?

A: Check with your local municipalities to be certain, but many states will accept a coating with the VOC rating for this product.
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Specifications of Dura-Kote Colored Polyurethane Solvent Based Floor Coating:

Colored Polyurethane Floor Coating Coverage:
Approx. 300-400 square foot per gallon, per coat (varies widely based on substrate porosity and application methods)
VOC Rating: less than 500 g/L
Solids Content: 51%
Colored Polyurethane Floor Coating Pot Life:
Approximately 60 minutes
Shelf Life: 1 year in original unopened container
Ready for recoat: 6-8 hours (18+ hours at low temperatures)
Light Duty Use: 24 hours (Up to 48 hours at low temperatures)
Heavy Traffic: Ready in 3 days (Up to 5 days at low temperatures)
Colored Polyurethane Floor Coating Full Cure:
5-7 days (Up to 14 days at low temperatures)
Colored Polyurethane Floor Coating Appearance (cured):
Colored Gloss Sheen
Appearance (wet): Varies by Color Selection
Water Resistance: Excellent, beads water
Mechanical Stability: Excellent
Light Stability: Excellent
Mechanical Properties: Direct Impact – 30 inch/pounds; Reverse Impact – 6 inch/pounds
Hardness: Pencil 4H, Konig 100
Diluent: Hydrocarbons
Odor: Solvent
Colored Polyurethane Floor Coating Application Temperature:
50 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit

Contact your SureCrete dealer today for complete details and availability of our solvent based colored polyurethane floor coating.