Keeping clean tools is important regardless of the type of product you are applying or the look and design you are trying to accomplish. Especially with regards to Stamping Tools or Rubber Urethane Casting Molds, it is imperative that any residual materials from the previous application or casting be removed to ensure that the tools in question can be re-used effectively in the future.

These products can be quite hazardous and should rarely, if ever be used to cut or extend solvent-based acrylic, polyaspartic or urethane sealers to make them go farther or to thin them out and make them flow easier on your applied surface. Always make certain when using these products to adhere to your local governmental municipality’s regulations regarding the usage of solvents and adhere strictly to any VOC coatings standards for your area.



Denatured Alcohol

Denatured Alcohol

Aromatic 100

Aromatic 100

Below you will find a part list of all solvents and other liquid agents distributed by SureCrete:

Product Name  Part Number
Air Grinder  31AirGrinder
VSP-120 Variable Speed Wet Polisher  31VSP-120
4 in 120 Diamond Polishing Strip  50.330DPS120
4 in 200 Diamond Polishing Strip  50.330DPS200
4 in 400 Diamond Polishing Strip  50.330DPS400

SDS Data Sheets

SDS Xylene Data Sheet

SDS Aromatic 100 Data Sheet

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