Acrylic Solvent Based Concrete SealerSureCrete’s Super 20 is a single-component, 20% acrylic solids, 600 g/L, color enhancing, high gloss sealer developed for concrete or any cement based product. It is vapor permeable, yet reduces the penetration of fluids into the surface. Super 20 will enhance the beauty, improve stain and abrasion resistance, and provide UV protection for driveways, garage floors, patios, walkways, brick pavers, pool decks, stucco, and concrete block.

Super 20 was specifically designed to be a more cost-effective acrylic sealer coating for freshly poured concrete or extremely tight-troweled or textured concrete overlays. While it doesn’t have some of the moisture-migration-reduction properties of our premium HS Series Acrylic Sealers, it is an extremely resillient acrylic concrete surface protecting sealer that can be used in a wide variety of cementitious applications. We’re sure you’ll be satisfied whether you are a homeowner looking for a cost-effective method of sealing your newly poured concrete surface or simply renewing the finish of a previously sealed concrete surface, or a professional contractor looking to keep your margins high on your flatwork concrete projects and substrate restoration jobs.

Here are some areas/applications where Super 20 will be applied:

  • Fresh Poured Dirveways
  • New Sidewalks and Walkways
  • Property Management Stairwells
  • Old Concrete Re-Sealing
  • Freshly Poured Stamped Concrete
  • Tightly Troweled Garage Floors
  • New Residential and Commercial Pool Decks

How Do You Apply SureCrete Super 20 Low Solids Acryic Sealer?

Our Acrylic Sealer products are some of the easiest to apply and use:

  1. Any surface that is about to be sealed needs to be completely cured, clean and free of all contaminants, and fully profiled and etched.
  2. Make sure that temperatures will remain between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit and there will be no precipitation in the applied areas for a 24 hour period following application.
  3. Super 20 Acrylic Sealer can be applied by roller, airless sprayer or pump-up sprayer. Whatever your application technique, make sure to apply in thin, even coats over your surface.
  4. Two coats are typically suggested with any exterior project receiving an acrylic sealer, with the second coat being applied as soon as first coat is able to be walked on, and is applied in the same manner as the first coat.

Surecrete Super 20SureSeal Super 20

Product #:  2S260, 2S55260
Packaging:  5 gal pails, 55 gal drums

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Frequently Asked Questions About Super 20:

Can I use just one coat of Super 20?

Technically yes, however it is not suggested. For the best results we highly recommend using two thinly applied coats of Super 20 Acrylic Concrete Sealer.

Will Super 20 self-level and fill small holes?

No, acrylic concrete sealer products were not designed to meet this application criteria.

Will Super 20 survive the freeze/thaw cycles in my area?

While it is slightly less durable in this regard than our HS Series premium acrylic sealer products, it does still have some moisture-migration-reducing properties.

Can I use another, higher solids content sealer over top of Super 20?

Yes, once the first coat of Super 20 has been applied and has penetrated the surface, a higher solids acrylic sealer product can be applied for slightly more protection.

Specs and Properties of Super 20:

Coverage  Approx 180-200 square foot per gallon, per coat
VOC Rating  less than 600 g/L
Solids Content  20%
Shelf Life   years in original unopened container
Ready for recoat  24 hours
Light Duty Use  24 hours
Heavy Traffic Ready  72 hours
Appearance (cured)  Clear High Gloss
Appearance (wet)  Clear
Water Resistance  Excellent, beads water
Mechanical Stability  Excellent
Light Stability  Excellent
Diluent  Hydrocarbons
Odor  Solvent
Application Temperature  50 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit


Test Data for Super 20

Blush  4 hr dry / 18 hr Immersion: No Blush
Adhesion  Dry Concrete: Excellent, Wet Concrete: Excellent
QUV Accelerated Weather Testing  G-53: No blistering, No yellowing @ 250 hours
Abrasion Resistance  12.5 grams loss
Block Resistance  D-4969: Excellent
Heat Stability @ 120 degrees Fahrenheit  D-1849: Excellent
Film Formation @ 40 degrees Fahrenheit  Passed
Water Absorption  2.4 grams per cubic meter
Pencil Hardness  D-3363: HB-H
Hot Tire Pick-Up  Passed (Under extreme circumstances delaminating could occur. All tire manufacturers were not tested. Chemicals used in tire manufacturing may be detrimental to all sealers from vehicular parking.)


Chemical Resistance for Super 20 (Testing ASTM D-1308)

Transmission Fluid  Resistant
Gasoline  Remove Immediately
Formula 409  Resistant
Motor Oil  Resistant
Brake Fluid  Remove Immediately