Bonding Agent for Concrete Overlays

SureCrete’s SureBond is a single component, just add water, concrete bonding agent for that is a cement based bonding agent specifically developed for SureCrete’s patching products and SureStamp stamped overlayment, as well as the Deep Level large concrete patching blend. Its only function is to join these products to the host surface (i.e. concrete.) SureBond is composed of a high concentration of latex modifier and cement with a very fine sand for aggregate. SureBond is packaged in a white mix (can add color pack) and a grey mix.

When dealing with thicker texture patching and overlayments for concrete, adhesion can become a serious issue. At SureCrete, we don’t recommend our contractors or DIY homeowners take any risks with their decorative and restorative concrete projects by having weak adhesion where they need it the most. Using SureBond in conjunction with your SureStamp and Deep Level concrete projects will help to keep your new surfaces in place for a very long time to come.

SureBond is used in conjunction with SureStamp and Deep Level in these situations:
  • Interior Stamp Overlay Textures
  • “Exterior Stamped Patterns
  • Three Dimensional Concrete Overlays
  • Large Concrete Patching Areas
  • Substrate Replacement

How Do You Apply SureCrete SureBond Adhesive Overlay Layer?

We’ll make it easy to prep your floor with SureBond:

  1. Any surface receiving a cementitious coating must be clean, cured, sound and profiled. See our Surface Preparation products for more information on accomplishing this
  2. Make sure that temperatures will remain between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit and there will be no precipitation in the applied areas for a 48 hour period following application.
  3. Mix only the amount of SureBond that may be required to coat the area to patch. Water demand can be determined by site; mix a little bit thicker than a slurry.
  4. Add 7 quarts water per 50 lb bag to 5 gal bucket and mix in any color desired for integral coloring of SureBond
  5. Slowly introduce SureBond while continuously mixing and mix for a minimum of 1 minute once all product has been emptied into container. Scrape the sides of the bucket to make sure there are no “dry pockets” that didn’t get mixed properly.
  6. Begin by saturating area to be covered with water. Before applica??on of bond coat, remove any excess water leaving no puddles.
  7. Apply patching material while SureBond is still wet.
  8. Place the bond coat with a squeegee and force into surface completely covering exis??ng concrete with this slurry.

Surecrete SureBond concrete overlay bonding agent

SureBond Concrete Overlay Bonding Agent

Product #:  1SBDRG, 1SBDRW
Packaging:  50 lb bag


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Frequently Asked Questions About SureBond:

Question: How long can SureBond stay on the surface before receiving the overlay coat?

Answer: Usually only a few minutes, however this time can be extended if the bond coating is continuously kept wet with a sprayer.

Question: Can I use SureBond in conjunction with any other bag mixes?

Answer: Technically yes, although it is not necessary with any of our other thin overlay products.

Question: Specifications and Properties of SureBond:

Coverage  Approx 300-450 square foot per 50 lb bag (Varies based on substrate pourosity)
VOC Rating  0 g/L
Shelf Life  1 year in original unopened container
Mixing Ratio  7 quarts water per 50 lb bag
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Surecrete Design Products
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SureBond Concrete Overlay Bonding Agent