SurePrime Concrete Overlay Bonding Agent

Concrete Surface Primer

SureCrete’s SurePrime is a 28% solids concrete bonding agent copolymer emulsion (vinyl acetate ethylene or VAE) designed for use in combination with cement based overlays as a bonding agent. SurePrime offers advantages when placing an overlay to its intended substrate:

Improved Adhesion
Reduced Permeability
Increased Abrasion Resistance
Improved Flexural Strength
Improved Tensile Strength
Enhanced Freeze/Thaw Durability

For substrates that are excessively “thirsty,” it will help slow down the wicking away of moisture from the overlay being applied increasing workability. SurePrime may be applied, allowed to dry, and as the overlay is placed, it “rewets” and the bond is established. SurePrime performs both horizontally (slabs or decks) and vertically (walls.)

Below are some surfaces that might need to be prepped with SurePrime Concrete Overlay Bonding Agent:

  • old concrete slabs
  • worn-down surfaces
  • overly porous concrete
  • over or tightly troweled surfaces
  • interior residential floors
  • interior commercial flooring

How Do You Apply SureCrete SurePrime Concrete Overlay Bonding Agent Primer?

SurePrime, a concrete overlay bonding agent was meant to be a simple in between step before applying a thin overlay coating:

  1. Mix product thoroughly with a cordless drill equipped with a jiffy-style mixer for 2 minutes.
  2. May use pump-up sprayer and thoroughly coat the substrate with Sure-Prime, or utilize a soft-bristle broom to brush SurePrime onto substrate, especially for areas that are excessively porous.
  3. While SurePrime concrete overlay bonding agent may dry to the touch prior to application of overlay, do not allow over 8 hours dry time.

Surecrete SurePrimeConcrete Bonding Agent

Product #:  4SP1, 4SP5
Packaging:  1 gal jug, 5 gal pail

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Frequently Asked Questions About SurePrime Concrete Overlay Bonding Agent:

Question: Do I need to use SurePrime concrete overlay bonding agent before every application of a thin overlay?

Answer: No, it is ONLY intended to be used on areas where bonding of your intended overlay coating would be in question.

Question: I used SurePrime Concrete Overlay Bonding Agent, why is my overlay not adhering correctly?

Answer: This can happen in areas where SurePrime Concrete Bonding Agent has been allowed to cure past the 8 hour suggestion and is now too tight on the surface to accept an overlay.

Specifications and Properties of SurePrime Concrete Bonding Agent

Coverage  Varies on substrate – 150-200 square foot /gallon/coat
VOC Rating  0 g/L
Shelf Life  6 months in original unopened container
Solids Content  28%
Viscosity  1200 cps
pH  5.8
Density  8.7 lbs/gal (1,044 g/L)
Mechanical Stability  Excellent
Water Resistance  Good
Film Clarity  Hazy
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Brand Name
Surecrete Design Products
Product Name
SurePrime Concrete Overlay Bonding Agent