Concrete Translucent Highlight for Antiquing Concrete Surfaces

Concrete Translucent Highlighting Stain For Concrete ColorSureCrete’s Concrete Translucent Highlighting is a solvent based “antiquing” or highlighting secondary color for stamp overlay or stamped concrete. It provides the same realistic natural accent colors that many contractors create on site by mixing sealer, solvent, and solid pigments. Translucent Highlighting is ready to use, eliminating the messy measuring, straining, and mixing associated with on-site preparation.

This product was specifically designed with solvent acrylic sealed new stamp or stamp overlay projects in mind. It can provide incredibly unique depth of texture, especially in stamp projects that incorporate faux stone textures and patterns.

Here are a few typical application areas for Translucent Highlighting:

  • Stamped Concrete Driveways
  • Outdoor Patios
  • Fresh Poured Textured Floors
  • Revitalized Stamp Applications
  • Old Stamped Concrete Surfaces
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Commercial Pool Decks
  • Theme Park Custom Stamping

How Do You Apply SureCrete Translucent Highlighting Concrete Antiquing Pigments?

Follow these simple instructions to apply your translucent highlighting product:

  1. Allow stamp overlay or stamped to cure for a minimum of 12 hours before the application of Translucent Highlighting.
  2. Thoroughly mix Translucent Highlighting with paint mixing paddle at 600 rpm minimum as pigment may settle.
  3. Translucent Highlighting may be sprayed from a solvent resistant pump-up sprayer.
  4. After drying sufficiently to be tack-free Translucent Highlighting may be sealed.
Here are all the colors available in the Translucent Highlighting product line:
  • 2.95BLTH – Black Concrete Translucent Highlighting
  • 2.95BRTH – Brown Concrete Translucent Highlighting
  • 2.95DBTH – Dark Brown Concrete Translucent Highlighting
  • 2.95LBTH – Light Brown Concrete Translucent Highlighting
  • 2.95RBTH – Red Brown Concrete Translucent Highlighting
  • 2.95RDTH – Red Concrete Translucent Highlighting

Surecrete Translucent HighlightTranslucent Highlighting Concrete Coloring

Product #:  See below
Packaging:  5 gal pails

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Frequently Asked Questions About Translucent Highlighting:

Can Concrete Translucent Highlight be used as a stand-alone color and sealer agent?

Answer: No, although the carrier is a solvent, this product still requires a sealer to ensure longevity of the decorative concrete surface.

Specifications and Properties of Concrete Translucent Highlight

Coverage  Approx. 150-175 square foot per pail
Shelf Life  1 year in original unopened container
Ready for Sealer  Once dry to the touch
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Brand Name
Surecrete Design Products
Product Name
Concrete Translucent Highlight