GFRS Backer Mix for Casting ConcreteSureCrete’s XS GFRC Backer Mix is a dual component cement based bag mix that is unmatched in fiber loading. It is not a “stand alone” mix, but is designed to be used in conjunction with XS Face or XS Precast. XS Backer greatly reduces the materials and labor required to construct traditional precast concrete. Reinforcement steel is eliminated, thinner precast pieces are routine, quicker production times are accomplished, and no “B” mold is required. A stronger, denser and more flexible cementitious composite is created by combining cutting-edge technology with modern fiber advancements. With a wide range of coloring and texture selections along with the manipulation of water demand and placement, design considerations are nearly limitless. XS Backer when used in conjunction with XS Face or XS Precast produces concrete countertops, fireplace mantles and facades, shower surrounds, wall panels, furniture and many other architectural elements. XS Backer is the perfect medium for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

XS Backer was designed to help alleviate the typical constraints of precast concrete – thick and heavy pieces that can’t span long distances without some type of structural reinforcement such as steel rebar. Using the “reduction method” we’ve detailed in our in-person training class events throughout the country and in our instructional how-to videos, we’ve enabled you – the contractor or homeowner looking to craft a new architectural or precast concrete piece – to make casted concrete at a fraction of the typical thickness and weight of normal concrete as well as allow you to create much longer and wider peices, all without the use of additional structural support.


Information About CHENG D-FRC Backer:
In addition to XS Backer, which is made available in a white-portland cement formula and can be colored accordingly, SureCrete has partnered with CHENG and The Concrete Exchange to make a vibrant grey-portland formula available in the form of the CHENG D-FRC Backing Mix. DFRC Backing Mix is an advanced, fiber-reinforced concrete formulated to allow saturated colors in a convenient dual-component package. The CHENG D-FRC (Decoraive Fiber Reinforced Concrete) System is engineered for precast concrete professionals who demand time and labor savings combined with maximum design flexibility including large format capacity. CHENG D-FRC BackingBlend is a formulation of portland cement, engineered fibers and sand. The fine blend consistency and exceptional workability deliver amazing structural reinforcing to any CHENG D-FRC SprayBlend applications.

Specs and Properties of XS Backer

Coverage: 50 lb bag = approx 9.8 square foot @ 1/2″, 7.2 square foot @ 3/4″ or roughly 0.43 cubic foot.
VOC Rating: 0 g/L
Shelf Life: 1 year in original unopened container
Mixing Ratio: 1 gal XS Modifier to 50 lb XS Precast (up to 16 oz add’l water)
Density: 120 lbs/cubic foot
Compressive Strength: ASTM C-170: 10,030 PSI @ 28 days
Flexural Strength: ASTM C-880: 1,180 PSI @ 28 days

Surecrete Xtreme Series GFRC Backer MixXtreme Series GFRC Backer Mix

Product #:01XCTB

Packaging:  50 lb bag, 1 gal jug, 5 gal pail

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Here are some precast pieces that would benefit from using XS Backer:
  • Solid Piece Residential Kitchen Counters
  • Thin Edge Coffee & End Tables
  • Large Fascade Dining Tables
  • Bathroom Countertops
  • Polished Bath Vanity Sinks
  • Custom Architectural Pieces
  • Custom Floor Tiles
  • Commercial Counters
  • Service Industry Bartops and Counters
  • Custom Furniture
  • Free-Standing Bathtubs

How Do You Apply SureCrete XS Backer fiber-reinforced precast backing material?

XS Backer can make every casted concrete project you work on stronger and lighter:

  1. XS Backer is not a stand-alone casting material, and is meant to be applied into a mold AFTER the application of a thin layer of XS Precast, XS Face or XS Terrazzo mix.
  2. In a 5-gallon bucket, pour in XS Modifier and any powder colorants you want to use to integrally color your mix, and mix thoroughly, slowly adding the XS Backer dry contents from the bag.
  3. Depending on the thickness, you may pour XS Backer into the mold, or simply place it into the mold directly by hand in the areas you wish to strengthen.
  4. While wearing gloves, use your hands to push material around inside the mold to reach the overall shape and thickness your are looking to add.
  5. In warm weather, allow 4-6 hours before removing from the mold (in extreme cold temperatures or for a very thick pour, allow to set overnight).
  6. Once de-molded, treat the piece the same as you would any surface casted using our XS Precast, XS Terrazzo or XS Face mix designs.

Frequently Asked Questions About XS GFRC Backer Mix for Casting:

Question: How long do I have to leave XS GFRC Concrete Backer Mix Casting Mix in the mold?

Answer: You don’t need to leave a piece in the mold any longer if you’ve added XS GFRC Concrete Backer Mix, in most climates, 4-6 hours is sufficient. In much colder temperatures, extend that time to 8-12 hours, but don’t leave it in the mold any more than 24 hours.

Question: Can I use XS GFRC Concrete Backer Mix in a Pour-In-Place project?

Answer: As it is NOT a finished product, we would not suggest using this as your sole finished surface, however if you wanted to place the backing material in FIRST, and then apply a top, or finish coat after, that would be an acceptable use of this product.

Question: Can I grind and polish XS GFRC Concrete Backer Mix?

Answer: XS GFRC Concrete Backer Mix was not meant to be a stand alone product, and small hairs and fibers will be exposed if the product is ground or polished.

Question: Can I use XS GFRC Concrete Backer Mix outside? Will the pieces I make freeze and break?

Answer: The addition of XS GFRC Concrete Backer Mix actually makes our already sturdy Xtreme Series products even MORE resistant to freeze-thaw climates as it adds an additional amount of strength to deal with the rapid temperature changes.

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