Pressed Look additive for Precast Concrete Countertops
SureCrete’s XS Packing Additive is a thickening agent designed for the Xtreme Series mixes for making the pressed look for concrete counter tops. Although it can be used in all mix designs for a thickening effect, it is most effective used with the Xtreme Series Face Mix and the Xtreme Series precast counter top mix.

This concrete counter top packing additive is often used to achieve looks otherwise unattainable through conventional casting mix textures and formulations. The “Pressed” precast texture method is one such look – achieved through the hand-packing of small balls of XS Face mix combined with the XS Packing Additive product. When you need to place a slightly “thicker” mix without affecting the curing process of your casted concrete piece, XS Packing Additive can help you achieve your goals.

Specs and Properties of XS Packing Additive:

Coverage Varies depending on design and mix
VOC Rating 0 g/L
Shelf Life 1 year in original unopened container

How Do You Apply SureCrete XS Packing Additive?

XS Packing Additive is utilized during the mixing process of the XS bag mixes:

  1. During the mix of the XS Modifier and any colorants, add desired amount of XS Packing Additive.
  2. Mix for one minute, dissolving color and packing additive into the modifier.
  3. Now simply mix in your desired bag mix – XS Face or XS Precast.

Surecrete Pressed Packing AdditiveXS-Packing Additive ( Pressed Look )

Product #:  01XCTPA
Packaging:  1 qt containers
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Here are some techniques and casting projects that would benefit from XS Packing Additive usage:

  • Pressed Technique
  • Faux Stone Tiles
  • Integral Kitchen Sinks
  • Integral Sink Vanities
  • Wall & Building Fascades
  • Precast Architectural Pieces
  • Marbled Stone Look
  • Three-Dimensional Molds

Frequently Asked Questions About XS Packing Additive:

How much XS Packing Additive should I add?

It depends completely upon the look you’re attempting to create, but we don’t usually suggest adding more than 5 capfuls per 50 lb bag of mix.