Concrete Veining Material
The same type of eye-catching veins found running through marble can now be found running through concrete. SureCrete’s XS concrete veining material is a dry broadcast medium used to create natural looking veins in the Xtreme Series mix’s. The effect produced is that of naturally occurring veins in stone formation. XS Veining is designed to be placed into the wet edge of concrete during the pouring process of precast applications.

XS Veining is extremely versatile in it’s uses in precast concrete. Besides just the “wet edge” technique, some have simply dusted it into a mold to create interested color patterns throughout the surface of a casted concrete piece using our Xtreme Series mix designs. Given it’s incredibly simple application methods, XS Veining’s use is not solely limited to experience fabrication professionals and contractors. It can easily be applied by those homeowners and weekend warriors looking to create a DIY, one-time, custom concrete creation for their kitchen counter, dining table or outdoor patio table.

Colored Concrete Casting Veining MaterialXS Concrete Veining Material

Product #:  02BLFV
Packaging:   1 qt containers

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These are some “looks” and designs that could be created using XS Concrete Veining Material:

  • Themed Bathroom Vanities & Sinks
  • Integral Kitchen Sinks
  • Integral Bath Sinks
  • Custom Shower Panels
  • Faux Stone Tiles
  • Faux Travertine Counters
  • Custom “Veined” Concrete
  • Veriagated Stone Precast Concrete
  • Faux “Marbled” Slabs
  • Coordinated Floor & Wall Tiles
  • Precast Architectural Pieces
  • Custom Themed Furniture
  • Three-Dimensional Vibrant Molds

How Do You Apply SureCrete XS Concrete Veining Material?

XS Veining is typically applied inside a precast mold before and/or during the casting mix is poured:

  1. If looking to create some discoloration in the surface, simple “dusting” the surface of the mold in the areas you would like to create prior to the mix being poured in will create your desired look.
  2. If looking to create a custom “vein” through a concrete casted piece, first begin by strategically placing XS Precast mix into your mold, creating a “line” in the mold where the flow of XS Precast ends.
  3. Now, place by hand the XS Veining material into the wet edge of the concrete, covering the entire area intended to have a vein (sometimes using a small chip brush to push in the XS Veining material is helpful).
  4. Vacuum up or blow out with compressed air any excess veining material
  5. Using a spray bottle with water, lightly mist the vein. This will help to activate the cement in the vein.
  6. Now pour your remaining XS Precast into the mold (or form up your next vein if you want another one in your casted surface).

Frequently Asked Questions About XS Concrete Veining Material:

Can I load up a bunch of XS Veining to create a colored void in my precast piece?

Not really, you’ll end up with a very small void that won’t look much like a vein. You can, however, manipulate some slightly wet baking soda and place it in your mold to create substantial voids. This can be done right along side where XS Veining Material is placed to create a full “crevasse” for extra texture.

How much is too much XS Veining?

Since it does not cure like our XS Precast line, loading up TOO much veining material can cause your piece to cure slightly differently, and quite possible slower, affecting the surface texture of your casted piece. Self-testing and good judgement are your only limiting factors when deciding on your finished design.

Specs and Properties of XS Veining:

Coverage   Varies widely depending on application method
VOC Rating   0 g/L
Shelf Life   1 year in original unopened container