Concrete Casting Mix Products

Concrete Casting Mix Pourable

Concrete countertop and casting mixes are made easy to use with high early strength pre-blended two component mix designs.

GFRC - Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Casting Mix

GFRC – Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

The industries most used pre-blended glass fiber reinforced concrete system, the use of a sprayable face coat with a fiber rich backing coat produces unparalleled strength.

Lightweight Architectural Concrete Mix

Lightweight Architectural Concrete Mix

When casting architectural concrete pieces, weight is a big factor. Utilize our lightweight concrete to reduce weight by 40% to 60%. Fire resistant due to vermiculite dosage.

Food Safe Concrete Sealers

Food Safe Concrete Sealers

Food safe and able to resist heat up to 300 degrees, these coatings will protect countertops, wall panels, floor tiles, and much other concrete and natural stone surfaces.

Precast Concrete Color Additive

Precast Concrete Color Additive

Utilizing the highest quality dry pigments, achieve depth and vibrancy of color in both the white cement Xtreme Series and the gray cement D-FRC bag mixes.

Concrete Casting Accessories

Concrete Casting Accessories

Find certified Basalt fiber and rods, concrete fibers, polishing strips and pads. Xtreme Series foam forming system, facing tapes, and edge profiles are located here.

Castable concrete serves as an amazing blank canvas to create sculptures, concrete countertop or architectural pieces with an infinite variety of sizes and designs. We have optimized our different mixes to make casting and installation of your concrete pieces faster and easier than ever before.

Our Pourable and GFRC mix designs allow for de-molding in as little as 4 hours and can be cast in a much wider temperature range than is typical in the concrete casting industry. Their increased strength allows for much thinner casting then is typical of other concrete mixes, along with a lightweight mix to create those larger casted pieces without the weight of full-thickness cast concrete.

At SureCrete we pride ourselves on remaining the leader in new technology in a castable concrete countertop. We’re confident that we have a product that will perfectly match your needs.

Concrete Counter Top Design Ideas

Concrete Casting Ideas

Why use GFRC mixes when standard concrete is so much less expensive?

Strength, versatility, style and design. Just the fact that precast is so much easier than pour in place concrete is a major reason, no waiting for 28 day cure time. Extreme Series line is much stronger, as thin as ¾” of an inch. The mess is not in the house. The color choices are virtually endless, with the design being a matter of the fabricator’s imagination.

Do I need to seal my Concrete Countertops?

Yes, Concrete is by nature porous. Even when polished to a high degree the concrete can take a stain from organic acidic foods like tomatoes, mustard, and red wine. Even a glass of iced tea that is left compensating on the countertop could leave a ring if not sealed. The Xtreme Series line of sealers solves these issues.

Can I expose Xtreme Series products directly to flame when making a fire pit?

Wow, you really want to do that? There is a special material called refractory mortar/ cement to withstand high temperatures. The fibers in our mixes could be compromised at high temperatures lending a piece to crack and fail. Although the piece can stand high temperatures it is not recommended that it be exposed to open flames.

SureCrete's Xtreme Series XS Products Include, XS-327, XS-Precast, XS-Backer, XS-Face, XS-PC12, XS-Veining, XS-Foam Rails, XS-Packing and XS-TruColor Products

SureCrete Xtreme Series (XS) Product Line-Up