Concrete Stamp Highlighting Color

Accent Colors for Stamped or Textured Concrete

Eco-Accent can be used as a new accenting colorant or a rejuvenation system to existing stamped and/or textured concrete surfaces and overlays.

Stamp Concrete Powder Release - Colored Product

Stamp Concrete Powder Release – Colored

Powder Release is designed to create an accent or secondary color while adding a concrete stamping tool to release from freshly placed or poured concrete.

Even if you’ve applied a nice base color to your concrete surface, you may be looking for a little bit more depth and texture in your design. Secondary colorants are your path to bringing out every little nook and cranny of your stamped or textured concrete floor.

Powder Release agents are the most commonly used products for secondary coloring on stamped concrete or stamped overlay projects. They can add color to your surface while at the same time allowing you to remove your stamping tool from the semi-wet concrete substrate more quickly.

Translucent Highlighting and Eco-Accent are great products for revitalizing the life of your concrete and giving it a nice “touch up.” They will fall into the cracks and flat spots in your stamped or textured floor and make the base color of your concrete “pop”!

Whether you’re working on a brand new stamped concrete driveway or are revitalizing and old textured concrete patio, SureCrete can supply you the tools you need to get your project done and get it done right.