Slow Cure Additive for Concrete

Additive to Slow Concrete Curing

SureCrete’s Retarder slows the setting time of concrete overlays during warmer temperatures. Any SureCrete overlay labeled “winter” can have its cure adjusted.

Concrete Surface Delay Product

Concrete Surface Delay for Concrete Cream Finish

Surface Delay is a film forming the solution that helps keep the cream finish off an overlay or freshly poured concrete surface moist in windy and hot environments.

Concrete Acrylic Polymer

Concentrated Concrete Polymer Acrylic

Polymer Concentrate is a 55% solids acrylic which is diluted to create a white milky liquid for dual component overlay primer and bond enhancing scratch coats.

Are you dealing with a concrete slab that is a bit too porous? Or maybe you need a little bit more work-time while using one of our overlay bag mixes. In either case, you’ve come to the right place.

When trying to deal with an excessively porous substrate, utilizing SurePrime, Eco-Prime or Polymer Concentrate will help to keep your project on time, your stains looking vibrant and prevent your decorative overlays from developing shrink cracks. To keep your overlay surface workable, take advantage of our Retarder and Surface Delay products.

At SureCrete, we want to make sure that your concrete project turns out just as perfect as you imagined it. To that end, we hope you’ll make good use of our retarders and adhesion products that are made readily available at any of our stocking distribution locations located conveniently throughout the country.