Concrete Crack Treatment Products
Concrete Crack Repair and Treatment

  • Products to treat and repair all sizes of concrete cracks prior to overlay or sealer application.
  • SCT-EP™

Concrete Cleaning and Moisture Products
Concrete Cleaning and Moisture Products

Concrete Patching Products
Concrete Patching Repair Products

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Chemical Concrete Sealer Removal

Products to remove grease, acrylic sealers, and carpet glues, all specially formulated for each situation.

Concrete Adhesion Waterproofing Products
Concrete Retarders and Adhesion Products

Products to slow the cure of overlays and to delay surface drying times in various temperatures.

No matter what your final intentions are for your concrete slab, its surface should always be very well prepped. The key to every good overlay, sealing or precast concrete project lies in good surface preparation. A concrete project will last only as long as the amount and quality of prep-work done before any finished coating has been applied.
The first priority for every job involving concrete should be to strip off whatever coating was there previously, either chemically or mechanically. Once the previous coating has been removed, the slab can be cleaned and profiled. Since most concrete becomes damaged over time, you now need to check for and repair cracks and patch holes and pits in the substrate. To prevent future breakdowns in your concrete surface, dealing with the primary cause of most failed slabs – moisture – is the last step in a well-prepared surface.
SureCrete manufactures products for each and every step of your project and we’ll make sure that your finished concrete surface lasts a very long time.

What kind of concrete surface preparation is the best choice?

When you are applying a sealer, stain, coating, or cement-based overlay to a slab of concrete, it is essential to have a surface that you can properly bond. Without proper concrete surface preparation, your next stage of application will be doomed to have adhesion failure. There are two ways to clean concrete? Mechanical and chemical.
1. Mechanical Repair of concrete surface preparation utilizes shot blasting, diamond grinding, and sanding. This process removes the cream off the surface and gets underneath the problem.
2. Chemical concrete surface preparation uses a variety of liquid solutions to remove dirt, debris, mineral deposits, mastics, glues, and sealers. In many cases, SCR™ is the best and most environmentally smart solution. This process is used when the integrity of the cement surface is sound and does not require mechanical applications.

What causes spall, pitted, and damaged concrete outside?

Damaged concrete can happen for a variety of reasons. Although it is easy to blame contractor error or poor craftsmanship, this is the least likely reason for the concretes poor performance. The rise in spalled or pitted concrete has a lot to do with the change in weather patterns, specifically, freeze-thaw cycles. Over the past ten years, many parts of North America have changed from 3-5 times a year that the snow melts and then refreezes. Long lasting frozen periods do not affect concrete the way melting snow and ice and the refreezing process. In many cities, freeze-thaw cycles have tripled or quadrupled.

With the increase in freeze-thaw, very little has been done to protect the concrete from ice forming inside the cement and aggregate from the melting process. When water is absorbed from melting snow and then freezes it expands by 10%. Therefore this expansion causes the top part of the concrete to pop off or spall. Deicing agents can also eat at the cement in concrete, deteriorating it and causing pits to appear as the bonding agents between the cement and aggregate disappear. To help prevent this many seals there concrete once per year with a product like HS-240. The use of a lithium densifier that does not carry a publishable sealer, like LD 1800, can help strengthen damaged concrete.

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