Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas and fireplace designs

Large Dark Brown Square Concrete Fire Pit

Large Dark Brown Square Concrete Fire Pit This outdoor patio was designed with beautiful options and needed a really significant centerpiece to accent the other pieces and tie all the looks together. […]Full Information -›

Gray Concrete Fire Pit Topper

Concrete stone fire pit Topper gas outdoor fire pits always make for very interesting patio centerpieces, and this one is no exception. The slate gray coloring and texture accent the yellow stones below […]

Natural Looking Concrete Wood Stump Fire Pit

Concrete Wood Stump Fire Pit Other than the fear of people constantly thinking there’s a forest fire in your home, this custom concrete sculpture will make for one of the […]Full Information -›

Concrete Table With Fire Pit and Wooden Like Base


Concrete Table With Fire Pit and Wooden Like Base outdoor gas fireplaces

Location: North Indiana Installer: Bontrager Concrete Specialties Supplier: Decorative Concrete Supply Products Used:  Xtreme Series PreCast Mix, Xtreme Series Backer Mix, Eco-Stain A table with seat is an eye-catching centerpiece often sparks better than a gas outdoor fireplace […]Full Information -›

Solid Black Concrete Guitar Fire Table

Designing fire pits, Solid Black Concrete Guitar propane Fire Table You want a centerpiece for your home or patio? A black guitar-shaped fire pit will certainly do the trick! Whether you’re going with a […]Full Information -›

Waterfront Patio Concrete Fire Feature

Outdoor Living Modern Concrete Designing pits Outdoor Centerpiece This simple design matches the decor styles of this waterfront home and adds to the aesthetic of the outdoor area. Photos Ideas Concrete Countertop Ideas […]Full Information -›

Outdoor Kitchens and Concrete Coutertops

Outdoor Kitchen Grilling is a new Look for 2016 with Concrete Counters for Outdoor Spaces Outdoor ideas. Enjoy and Live, Kitchens and Counter Choices In Colonial times, outdoor kitchens were often placed far from […]Full Information -›

Introduction to GFRC Natural Stone


Introduction to GFRC Natural Stone

Introduction to GFRC Natural Stone Location: Greensboro, North Carolina Project: Outdoor fireplace, Concrete Bench, Bar, and Fire Pit Tops Installer: Mitchell Landscapes Materials Supplier: Turning Point Innovations Products Used: Xtreme Series Precast, outdoor fireplace gas […]Full Information -›

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