Solvent Based Acrylic Overlay Sealer Low VocSureCrete’s HS 340 is a premium, high performance, single-component, 30% acrylic solids, low VOC (400 g/l), sealer designed for SureCrete overlays or other cement-based products like a clear stamped concrete sealer. As with most acrylics it is vapor permeable and readily applies outside. However, HS 340 is specially formulated for extreme climates where a low VOC sealer is required. Its nano-sealer technology deeply penetrates and reacts internally with cement, slowing moisture migration and efflorescence and intensifying bond capacity. Even in warmer climates HS 340’s slower evaporating solvents will not show a cotton candy effect before the applicator can finish a tight, smooth surface. A single coat application will provide a UV shield sealers stamped, enhance the beauty, and protect the surface of driveways, garage floors, patios, walkways, pool decks, and stucco.

A large portion of northern areas deal with freeze and thaw cycles that can make the utilization of a typical protective exterior concrete acrylic sealer very problematic views. Over time and multiple freeze/thaw cycles, most acrylic sealer will begin to delaminate and detatch from the original substrate (typically an overlay with 30% solids acrylic coatings) and sometimes take chunks of the original concrete with it. For this reason, many have chosen to for go the application of an acrylic sealer altogether in these environments. HS 340 makes it possible to not only apply a sealer safely without worrying about it becoming weak and de-laminating over time and multiple freeze and thaw cycles, but also to do so while adhering to strict VOC laws requiring solvent acrylic concrete sealers to vaporize less ecologically hazardous solvents into the air. You can be confident whether you are a homeowner looking to seal your brand new patio concrete overlay or an applicator sealing thousands of square feet of commercial pool decks, that this sealer will meet all your area’s legal requirements and give you a well protected, long lasting surface for years to come. Ask a concrete contractor for details and stamped costs for sealer per square foot.

Here are some areas/applications where HS 340 might typically be applied:

  • Cold Weather, Low VOC Broom Finish Overlays
  • Low VOC Sprayed Texture Coatings in Freeze/Thaw Climates
  • Cold Weather Eco-Friendly Stamped Overlay Floors
  • Slop-Trowel Green Exterior Textures in Freeze/Thaw Climates
  • Stamped Concrete Patios
  • Color Stamped Cement Concrete Textures
  • Stones and Other Rock Material
  • stamped concrete pattern
  • stamped patterned cement
  • Cold Weather Pool Decks in Low VOC States
  • Eco-Friendly Exterior Patio Overlays in Freeze/Thaw Climates
  • Green Project, Cold Weather Driveways and Sidewalks
  • Pattern Concrete Patios
  • Low Cost Stamping Patios
  • Stamped Concrete Cost
  • Concrete Patterned Patios
  • Pattern stamped concrete
  • Clear Sealer Stamped Concrete

How Do You Apply SureCrete HS 340 Super Penetrating Acrylic Stamped Concrete Sealer?

Our Eco-Friendly Acrylic Sealer products are some of the easiest to apply and use:

  1. Any surface that is about to be sealed needs to be completely cured, clean and free of all contaminants, and fully profiled and etched.
  2. Make sure that temperatures will remain between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit and there will be no precipitation in the applied areas for a 24 hour period following application.
  3. HS 340 Premium Acrylic Low VOC Sealer can be applied by roller, airless sprayer or pump-up sprayer. Whatever your application technique, make sure to apply in thin, even coats over your surface.
  4. Two coats are typically suggested with any exterior project receiving an acrylic sealer, with the second coat being applied as soon as first coat is able to be walked on, and is applied in the same manner as the first coat.

Surecrete HS340 Acrylic Overlay SealerHS340 Acrylic Overlay Sealer Low Voc

Product #:  2HS340  2HS55340
Packaging:  5 gal pails 55 gal drums

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Frequently Asked Questions About HS 340 Concrete Material Sealer

Can I use just one coat of HS 340?

Technically yes, however it is not suggested. For the best results we highly recommend using two thinly applied coats. That being said, HS Series products have been known to function better than comparable sealers in situations where a single-coat exterior acrylic sealer is required.

Will HS 340 self-level and fill small holes?

No, acrylic concrete sealer products were not designed to meet this application criteria.

Will HS 340 survive the freeze/thaw cycles in my area?

If there was ever an exterior acrylic concrete sealer that could maintain proper adhesion in cold weather environments, the HS Sealers line would be the one to do it!

Can I use another, lower solids content sealer over top of HS 360?

Yes, once the first coat of HS 340 has been applied and has penetrated the surface, add a lower solids acrylic sealer product such as HS 240 can be applied to keep the millage buildup of sealer to a minimum.

I have strict VOC laws in my area, can I use HS 340?

Check with your local municipalities or stamp concrete contractor to be certain, but nearly all areas that require the use of lower VOC sealers than the rest of the country will allow the use of our HS 340 Premium Acrylic Sealer.

Release Specs and Properties of HS 340:

Coverage Approx. 200-240 square foot per gallon, per coat (varies widely based
on substrate porosity and application methods)
VOC Rating less than 400 g/L
Solids Content 30%
Shelf Life 2 years in original unopened container
for recoat 24 hours
Light Duty Use 24 hours
Heavy Traffic Ready 72 hours
Appearance (cured) Clear Gloss
Appearance (wet) Clear
Water Resistance
Excellent, beads water
Mechanical Stability Excellent
Light Stability
Diluent Hydrocarbons
Odor Solvent
Application Temperature 50
– 90 degrees Fahrenheit

Test Data for HS 340

Blush 4 hr dry / 18 hr Immersion: No Blush
Adhesion Dry Concrete:
Excellent, Wet Concrete: Excellent
QUV Accelerated Weather Testing G-53: No
blistering, No yellowing @ 250 hours
Abrasion Resistance 12.5 grams loss
Block Resistance D-4969: Excellent
Heat Stability @ 120 degrees Fahrenheit
D-1849: Excellent
Film Formation @ 40 degrees Fahrenheit Passed
Absorption 2.4 grams per cubic meter
Pencil Hardness D-3363: HB-H
Hot Tire
Pick-Up Passed (Under extreme circumstances delaminating could occur. All tire
manufacturers were not tested. Chemicals used in tire manufacturing may be
detrimental to all sealers from vehicular parking.)

Chemical Resistance for HS 340 (Testing ASTM D-1308) for Stamped Contractors and Homeowners

Transmission Fluid Resistant
Gasoline Remove Immediately
409 Resistant
Motor Oil Resistant
Brake Fluid Remove Immediately

What is Stamped Concrete and What’s in it for you…

The architectural wisecrack “Queen Anne front and Mary Anne back” may date back as far as the 1760s and is an apt description of how homeowners and home designers may make the most important and hardworking parts of a home the least visually attractive. Historically, the Two Annes have governed the approach taken to paving, garage and even outdoor recreation and entertainment areas. The afterthought “and a concrete floor” is fortunately yesterday’s solution. Today’s homeowners recognize that hardworking areas merit good design and handsome, durable materials, to insure long-lived and high-quality performance.

Some of the greatest resources available to forward-thinking owners and designers can be found in stamped and stained concrete. Primary-surface materials let you build great design into your original plans. Overlay resources let you upgrade existing structures, bringing the aesthetics of more utilitarian areas up to the standards of attractiveness that characterize the rest of your home.

The durability, versatility and abundance of creative options mean that the greatest challenge of choosing stamped concrete primary surfaces is narrowing down the huge variety of choices to the one you like best. Surecrete’s basic stock of Ashlar stamps and molds numbers over 100, including centuries of brick and stone paving, molding and carving.  Create a classic paving reminiscent of a European estate and select brick-shaded colors to heighten the warmth and intricacy of this lively geometric work.  Evoke the cobbled streets of a medieval village or the warm, hand-built paving of a hacienda patio.  Give your home a unique signature with stamping that includes small, scattered clues to the spirit of your residence—starfish, woodland creatures and butterflies are only a few of the many choices.

When stamped concrete is part of the building process, a frequent option is to use it as a unifying element for house and property. The same terrazzo pattern sweeps up the driveway, across the front terrace and broadly to the back, where it encompasses the pool, patio, outdoor kitchen and garage area. It may sound like a bad pun to say you’re making a lasting statement, but continuous stamped, stained concrete pavement creates a distinctive unity for elements of disparate design, letting the owner, visitors and prospective buyers experience the property as a unique, beautifully-designed island. Whether your property is big or small, this type of paving for primary surfaces creates an architectural integrity that is hard to achieve by other means.

Within this single unified design, there is room for lots of visual variety.  Let the interplay of several colors from nature’s palette fill a field-stone paving pattern with light and energy. Add the freshness of paving stamped to resemble an airy boardwalk or cozy café floor. Use colors that incorporate directly into the cement as a long-lasting base. Add further depth and luster to base-color with stains and sealers. As part of a whole-house design, use a single paving pattern in two related color-tones, signaling the difference between light on the front of the property and on the back.

Planning does not end once the home is built. As a new owner or one whose lifestyle has changed, you can make great use of stamped, stained concrete in an overlay format. Here smaller projects and specific experiences let your imagination be your only creative boundary. Overlays let you set an area apart or create a highlight for a special activity. They manifest the same durability and flexibility as primary surface treatments, at less cost in both money and time, making them perfect for a growing family with changing tastes.

This does not mean that overlays last only as long as a fleeting enthusiasm. High-quality materials and solid building standards still prevail. Overlays, though, have a history of flexibility. On your next visit to an amusement park, sports arena or theme park, look up and around as you always do, then look down. It is likely that beneath your feet, a stamped cement overlay welcomes you with the calligraphy, colors and even characters for which the venue is best known. Colored through and through, that same overlay has probably been treated to maximize non-skid properties, to resist peeling and to make cleanup a breeze. Although overlays tend to be less than an inch thick, they are traffic-tough and long-lasting. Very thin overlays (under ¼ inch in depth) can be created with spray-on products like Surecrete’s SureSpray and SureBroom, while thicker overlays (up to 3/8 of an inch or more), more suitable for stamping and texturing can be troweled into place. While it’s old wisdom that new concrete will not bond to old concrete, adhesives like SureBond and SurePrime make it possible to add a refreshing tightly-adhering colorful layer top layer to more worn layers below, insuring years of reliable performance.  Think about overlays as a way to enhance pool safety, highlight a play area for children or reserve clear space for outdoor games enjoyed by all ages. In these just-for-fun areas, you can use lots of color, custom design and plenty of whimsy.

For both primary surfaces and overlays, take advantage of sealers that protect the integrity of your project and enhance its safety. Sealers are clear or translucent, with UV resistance that preserves the desired color effects. Translucent sealers can add yet another layer of depth to the final color impact.  In areas with frequent moisture or heavy foot traffic, look for sealers that can increase non-skid properties while maintaining an attractive luster. Around the pool and in areas where children gather, cutting down on slippery surfaces can prevent accidents.

Use a more sophisticated style of overlay to set apart the hospitality area of your yard. Entertaining can fluctuate between hot-dogs around the fire-pit and dancing in the dark. Set beautiful boundaries for your outdoor entertainment space by laying down a colorful stamped overlay rug that’s big enough to host all your guests. A concrete overlay in your hospitality area is so easy to maintain that you may find yourself being even more hospitable than you already are.

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