Surecrete’s New Product Releases 2016

At SureCrete we are constantly strive to remain at the forefront of product and systems innovation. Keep an eye on this page for constant updates on new product releases and product re-formulations and improvements!

New release January 15th 2016 :

After more than 2 years of product development and testing, Surecrete is proud to announce the availability of its Dura-Kote Colored Polyurethane Line. This line includes a high gloss colored solvent based polyurethane floor coating and low VOC water based colored polyurethane floor paint. Both of these coatings are readily available today in more that 250 colors. These commercial grade polyurethane coatings will be a perfect solution for any indoor application requiring a scratch resistant, high traffic floor coating such as aircraft hangers, schools, restaurants, and warehouses.

water based colored polyurethane floor paint

Colored Water Based Polyurethane Floor Paint

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colored polyurethane solvent floor paint

Solvent Colored Polyurethane Floor Paint Coating

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