Concrete Casting Color Premium Powder Additive – SureCrete’s XS-Color

Concrete Casting Color for Gray and White Casting Mixes by SureCrete is conveniently pre-measured to individually tint any single XS bag mix. XS Color Packs are pure, synthetic, iron oxide pigments that are UV stable and contain no fillers.

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  • Product Description

    Concrete Casting Color Additive for Precast and GFRC by SureCrete

    Xtreme Series XS-Color Color Packs

    With SureCrete’s concrete casting color, having pre-blended, pre-measured bags of color can help lower labor costs as well as increase product consistency. Not having to constantly reformulate color blends every time a new batch is mixed will help to keep all your cast pieces the same color. Having color already pre-blended will help to lower your labor costs in trying to re-formulate oxide pigments to match previous batches. The XS Color Packs are specifically formulated to saturate the Portland cement in our Xtreme Series bag mixes to achieve extremely rich and vibrant colors not typically seen in cast concrete.

    Surecrete Xtreme Series Color Pack Options

    Birch Casting Dry Color Additive

    Birch Casting Dry Color Additive

    Cavern Concrete Casting Dry Color Additive

    Cavern Concrete Casting Dry Color Additive

    Cayon Sunset Concrete Casting Dry Color Additive

    Cayon Sunset Concrete Casting Dry Color Additive

    Eucalyptus Casting Dry Color Additive

    Eucalyptus Casting Color

    Jet Black Concrete Casting Dry Color Additive

    Jet Black Concrete Casting Color

    Morning Canopy Concrete Casting Dry Color Additive

    Morning Canopy Concrete Casting Color

    Mountain Shadow Concrete Casting Dry Color Additive

    Mountain Shadow Concrete Casting Color

    River Bed Concrete Casting Dry Color Additive

    River Bed Concrete Casting Color

    Twlight Concrete Casting Dry Color Additive

    Twlight Concrete Casting Color

    WhiteWater Concrete Casting Dry Color Additive

    WhiteWater Concrete Casting Color

    Where to Use SureCrete’s XS Concrete Casting Color Additive:

    • Themed Bathroom Vanities & Sinks
    • Integral Kitchen Sinks
    • Integral Bath Sinks
    • Custom Shower Panels
    • Integrally Colored Countertops
    • Integral Concrete Casting
    • Coordinated Floor & Wall Tiles
    • Precast Architectural Pieces
    • Custom Themed Furniture
    • Three-Dimensional Vibrant Molds
    • Making Concrete Pavers
    • Casting Pavers

    How Do You Apply SureCrete’s XS Concrete Casting Color Packs?

    XS Color Packs are the easiest products that can be applied:

    1. Pour color packs into XS Modifier and mix thoroughly until liquid is a consistent color.
    2. Make sure to mix XS bag mix thoroughly until color is consistent throughout the blended mix.

    Using XS Color as a Slurry
    Estimate quantity of XS Concrete Color Slurry required, allowing for possible future touch-ups.

    1. Add a portion of dry XS Color Pack to dry XS Slurry and stir in making sure color pigments are “broken” and mixed in thoroughly.
    2. Set aside some of dry mix for possible future touch-ups. 4. Slowly introduce water into Color Slurry and mix by hand or with cordless drill equipped with a jiffy-style mixer, add water slowly to achieve desired slurry viscosity

    Note: All colors shown are achieved by mixing one XS Color Pack per one gallon of XS Modifier *(exception for Eucalyptus – created by combining one pack Mountain Shadow and one pack Twilight). Colors displayed are based on a non-color enhancing sealer such as XS-327 Hybrid Urethane Sealer. Do not use this chart as a final selection, for colors are affected by site condition and fabrication procedure. SureCrete recommends making final selections from job specific samples made in the field.

    Concrete Casting Color Additive Packs Part Numbers

     Birch 1 Package SKU: 4510300431 | UPC: 842467104002 | Birch (Case of 20) SKU: 4510300531 | UPC: 842467104095
    Canyon Sunset 1 Package SKU: 4510300432 | UPC: 842467104019 | Canyon Sunset (Case of 20) SKU: 4510300532 | UPC: 842467104101
    Cavern 1 Package SKU: 4510300433 | UPC: 842467104026 | Cavern (Case of 20) SKU: 4510300533 | UPC: 842467104118
    Jet Black 1 Package SKU: 4510300434 | UPC: 842467104033 | Jet Black (Case of 20) SKU: 4510300534 | UPC: 842467104125
    Morning Canopy 1 Package SKU: 4510300435 | UPC: 842467104040 | Morning Canopy (Case of 20) SKU: 4510300535 | UPC: 842467104132
    Mountain Shadow 1 Package SKU: 4510300436 | UPC: 842467104057 | Mountain Shadow (Case of 20) SKU: 4510300536 | UPC: 842467104149
    River Bed 1 Package SKU: 4510300437 | UPC: 842467104064 | River Bed (Case of 20) SKU: 4510300537 | UPC: 842467104156
    Twilight 1 Package SKU: 4510300438 | UPC: 842467104071 | Twilight (Case of 20) SKU: 4510300538 | UPC: 842467104163
    Whitewater 1 Package SKU: 4510300439 | UPC: 842467104088 | Whitewater (Case of 20) SKU: 4510300539 | UPC: 842467104170


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  • XS Color Pack Product Technical and Safety Data Sheets

     Tech Data Sheets
     Concrete Color Casting Color SDS Data SheetSDS Data Sheet
  • Specifications and Properties of SureCrete’s Concrete Casting Dry Powder

    SHELF LIFE Under normal conditions: when kept dry and moisture free, out of direct sunlight, the shelf life of an unopened sack is (12) months from the date of purchase. Storage must be under roof and off the floor. Rotate inventory to maintain the product that is within limits.

  • Additional information

    Casting Color Oprions

    Birch, Canyon Sunset, Cavern, Jet Black, Morning Canopy, Mountain Shadow, River Bed, Twilight, Whitewater, Eucalyptus