Concrete Wall Overlay Product

Concrete Wall Overlay

WallSpray is a lightweight stucco alternative material. It can be used on interior and exterior surfaces to create the sand finish, knockdown, Venetian plaster and more finishes.

Concrete Wall Stamp Product

Concrete Wall Stamp

WallStamp can be applied from a 1/4 inch to 4 inches thick, be hand-carved or stamped, allowing for the most durable 3-D wall or free standing concrete designs and themes.

This is a just add water Concrete Overlay Mix. Sometimes, stucco and drywall just aren’t enough to meet your needs. If you want to create a truly realistic custom rock wall in your home, our specially formulated Wall Stamp bag mix will give you all of the creative licenses you need to make everything from the entirely realistic to the incredibly beautiful and surreal sculpting that an artist would love.

If you’re looking for a thinner application, but still want the strength of concrete supporting your wall system, our Wall Spray product will be right up your alley. With the incredible versatility to be troweled or sprayed, this product can create a wide variety of looks and designs at a similar materials cost to regular stucco applications.

At SureCrete we strive daily to be the leaders in concrete innovation. Our vertical overlay mixes are perfect examples of just such innovation. Easy to acquire, easy to design, easy to mix, and even easier to apply. Let’s face it; these vertical overlay mix products just make it easy to turn your walls into beautiful artistic pieces.

What are decorative vertical concrete overlays?

These overlays help protect the wall surface without compromising the look. Generally speaking, vertical overlays differ from horizontal overlays due to reducing the weight of the material so that it can hang on the wall without sagging. Vertical concrete overlays do not have to be used on just concrete. Other surfaces can include drywall, foam, ICF, block, brick, plywood, DensGlass, and other building materials. Depending on the surface, additional products may be necessary for adhesion, moisture intrusion, and flexural strength.